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Cleaning Chemicals

One of the most important tasks in any facility is effective cleaning!  Cleaning has become more than just providing an esthetically appealing facility.  It has now become a means of removing harmful bacteria and viruses. 


Do you wonder what chemicals you should be using to clean?  Are you concerned how they will affect your health and the health of your people?


Simcoe Green has you covered by offering a wide variety of cleaning products, both conventional and environmentally sustainable.  We will help you determine the best products for your facility and help you get set up 

Simcoe Green's Janitorial & Infection Control Supply Solutions

Cleaning & disinfecting has become one of the most important tasks in any facility!  But do you have the time or the energy to complete what needs to be done to keep everyone safe and healthy?

Simcoe Green Solutions has you covered and can help you manage your janitorial and infection control inventory needs.  Click on the link below to receive our catalogue and get an idea of the items we have to offer. 

Infection Control

We believe every facility requires measures to avoid cross contamination and products that manage proper sanitation.  We have all your infection prevention and safety needs covered through PPE, First Aid and Outbreak cleaning products.  We can help make it easier for everyone to do their part in stopping viruses from spreading

Connect with us and find out how we can help you set up an effective Infection control program

Paper Products

We all need paper products for our washrooms and kitchen areas.  But knowing the best option can become tricky.  We can help you choose what works best for your facility.  We offer the best toilet paper, paper towel and other paper products from well known brands such as Cascades, Tork and Kimberly Clarke Professional.  These brands lead the way in sustainability with certifications from EcoLogo and Green Seal.

Waste Management

One of our goals is to reduce the amount of waste we are putting into our landfills.  One way we can accomplish this is to help you implement a waste management system that will benefit your facility.


We help you reduce the amount your workplace sends to the landfill by providing you with the right size garbage bags, recycling bags and compostable bags.  The right bag helps everyone in the facility chuck it in the right bucket while making it easier to sort the garbage at the bin.

Cleaning Tools

Every facility has different cleaning systems and requires different cleaning supplies.  We help source what you need so you can easily replace old sponges, toilet brushes, mops or other items needed to provide a clean and healthy environment.  We can also help if you feel you need to learn more about new and innovative cleaning techniques

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