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Cleaning Tools

Every facility has different cleaning systems and requires different cleaning supplies.  We help source what you need so you can easily replace old sponges, toilet brushes, mops or other items needed to provide a clean and healthy environment.  We can also help if you feel you need to learn more about new and innovative cleaning techniques

Microfiber cloth.jpg

Microfiber Systems

Microfiber systems not only are amazing for removing contaminants from any surface, they are also a great infection prevention system.  We can assist you in setting up a system that works best for your facility using cloths, dusters, floor systems and so much more!

Mopping systems & Buckets

For a more conventional system for managing floor care, we offer a variety of mopping systems and floor safety items

Janitor cart.png

Caddy's & Carts

To efficiently clean all areas in your facility, it is best to have all the tools and equipment all in one place.  We offer a variety of carts, caddy's, tools, etc. to help your team effectively and efficiently complete all tasks to keep everyone safe and healthy!

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