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One of the most important tasks in any facility is effective cleaning!  Cleaning has become more than just providing an esthetically appealing facility.  It has now become a means of removing harmful bacteria and viruses.  Do you wonder what chemicals you should be using to clean?  Are you concerned how they will affect your health and the health of your people?

Simcoe Green has you covered by offering a wide variety of cleaning products, both conventional and environmentally sustainable.  We will help you determine the best products for your facility and help you get set up 



Avmor's goal is to elevate the importance of cleaning with a focus on contributing to the health and safety in "away from home" spaces and environments.  Leading the way to ensure a cleaner, healthier and safer world.  

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Safeblend provides professional Green cleaning solutions to ensure that all areas in your facility are clean and safe.  Proper cleaning and sanitization are critical in maintaining a healthy space which leads to healthy individuals and fewer illnesses.

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