Cleaning Table

Squeaky Green Cleaning Solutions

Cleaning has become one of the most important tasks in any facility!  But do you have the time or the energy to complete what needs to be done to keep everyone safe and healthy?

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Residential Cleaning Services

We offer cleaning services with a main focus on improving the indoor air quality of your home.  Squeaky Green focuses on eco-friendly cleaning that is more effective in offering a truly healthy environment.  When bacteria and harmful germs are removed properly along with regular maintenance, there is no need for harsh chemicals that leave toxins behind creating unhealthy air to breathe.  Allow us to clean beyond what the eye can see!

Commercial Cleaning Services

We offer cleaning services that improve the cleanliness of your facility through the image a customer first receives as they walk in the door, and provide a lighter feeling to the air they breathe by removing toxins and harsh chemicals.  A clean workspace is easier to work in, but what if you provided peace of mind they are working in a healthy space?