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5 High Touch Surfaces Not to be Ignored

If there is anything we have learned over the past year, it is that cleaning and disinfecting are imperative for any environment where we live, work and/or play! By properly cleaning and disinfecting our spaces, we can reduce the chances of becoming sick and potentially infecting others. The question still remains, what exactly should we be disinfecting and how often?

A space that appears to be clean may have germs and viruses that we can not see. Implementing an effective infection control program helps minimize the chances of spreading harmful germs and viruses from one area to another. Particularly if you pay attention to High Touch Points.

As soon as a surface is touched by one person, that surface could potentially become contaminated with a germ or virus. When another person comes along and touches that same surface, they now have that same germ/virus on their hands and can now potentially transfer it to another area by simply touching another surface.

We can identify the severity of cross contamination by examining the High Touch Points in an area we should not ignore.

High Touch Points are the surfaces that are frequently touched by multiple people. By frequently cleaning and disinfecting these areas, we can significantly reduce the chances of spreading harmful pathogens.

5 Most Common High Touch Points at Home

  1. Door Handles

  2. Light Switches

  3. Phones

  4. Faucet Handles

  5. Toilets

5 Most Common High Touch Points at Work

  1. Door Handles

  2. Light Switches

  3. Hand Rails

  4. Printer/fax Machines

  5. Coffee Maker/Microwave

When and how to disinfect Hight Touch Points

  1. Determine where your HTP are: I have listed a few to get you started

  2. Always keep the product you are using handy to complete the task quickly

  3. I have always found using a microfiber cloth incredible: They can remove 98% bacteria by using just water - AMAZING! I always keep a clean microfiber cloth on my desk for quick wipes

  4. Each day, quickly go around your space wiping each surface of your home/office using a microfiber cloth and the product of your choice. Just keep in mind the dwell time needed to effectively rid of any virus

  5. Spray a good amount of product on your cloth and apply to the surface

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