Frequently Asked Questions

What is Green Cleaning?

Green can mean many different things to different people. Our definition of Green Cleaning is effective and efficient cleaning that protects health, supports productivity and does not harm our environment. Green cleaning is more than just switching a few products; it is about effective policies, procedures, training and shared responsibility that minimizes environmental impacts. This approach covers all aspects of cleaning from using non-toxic products, using microfiber cloths instead of paper products to using proper equipment and techniques for the task at hand.

Why should you live green?

Have you ever worried about the toxins in the traditional chemicals you use? The EPA determined that chemicals in common household cleaners often disperse fumes into the air 3 times more, and are more likely to cause cancer than other air pollutants. Children or adults who touch household surfaces and floors, then put their hands in their mouths, eat food directly from a counter or put household objects in their hands risk ingesting small amounts of harmful chemicals. Living green isn't just about helping save our rain forests, it also means improving your health, padding your bank account and, ultimately, improving your overall quality of life. All that AND you can save furry animals too!! Why wouldn't anyone want to go green? When you live Green, you only use products that are healthy for the environment and include no toxins, you recycle to help save landfills, and you do everything possible to live healthy and reduce the impact on our earth. The purpose of ‘going green’ is to address your health concerns that arise from exposure, as well as eliminate damage to the environment (water, air, soil) from disposal of products we use every day.

How do I know I can trust Simcoe Green Solutions?

We pride ourselves on our performance, as well as being trustworthy. Simcoe Green Solutions is insured and bonded and has a 24 hour customer satisfaction guarantee providing you ease of mind. Our reputation has been built on our performance, our clients knowing they can trust us, as well as depending on our service being up to expectations.

Is there cleaning chemical and equipment safety information available?

Simcoe Green Solutions provides you with the necessary information to conduct the use of products you buy in a safe and environmentally friendly way. We offer Safety Data Sheets for those that buy products that need to be stored or used in a specified manner.