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Simcoe Green's Washroom Essential Solutions

Washrooms across Ontario are becoming busier by every passing day and not everyone is happy with the quality of the washrooms they find themselves having to use.  Infection prevention has never been more important and enhancing the image of your washroom starts with having the right services in place where and when they are needed.


Contact us for a Free Consultation to learn more on keeping a washroom clean and sanitized!

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Feminine Waste Bin Programs

Are you ready to increase sanitation of feminine waste products and increase patron satisfaction?

Flushed sanitary waste is major cause of plumbing problems and puts san enormous strain on sewage treatment plants.

Everyday women across Ontario produce sanitary waste that needs to be disposed of safely, responsibly and without harmful effects on the environment and waste water systems

Our feminine waste programs and commitment to improving cleanliness in women's washroom facilities will provide you peace of mind the potential risks of infection transmission are minimized, creating a healthier environment for all.

Programmable Air Management Programs

Is the odor in your facility turning your customers off?  Don't your customers and your employees deserve a nice smelling washroom?

With a significant increased use of public washrooms & facilities, and a decreased manpower to maintain cleanliness and sanitation, odors can begin to take over.

The key is having the right air deodorizer in place.  Our air management programs offer solutions for any size facility so you never have to worry about foul smells again!


Our units are 100% programmable, up to 24 hrs./day or we can program your dispenser to function only when your facility is operational.  There's no work to you, our washroom technician will complete a full maintenance and reprogram each unit during each scheduled visit.

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Tampon Vending Machine Programs

Do you want to provide you female clients with peace of mind your restroom has everything they need?

Our vending machine program ensures that your washroom facility is fully stocked with the necessary sanitary items women need!

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Urinal Care Programs

As important it is to keep a clean and sanitized female washroom, the men's washroom requires the same treatment.


Urinal screens assist in keeping odors to a minimum, as well assist in keeping urinals sanitized.  Either purchased for the product on its own or as part of the Washroom Essentials service. 


In the same process of exchanging feminine bins, our service technician will inspect and replace urinal screens to ensure a fresh, clean smell.

Washroom Essential Product Programs

Let's make sure your washroom never runs out of any of the necessary products.

Our product programs are designed with your needs in mind.  The appearance and quality of the products being used provides a customers with an overall impression of your business.  Why not make sure you have quality in place, while being cost effective?

Bathroom Cleaner

Washroom Cleaning Programs

Ensuring each public washroom facility has been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.  Following a detailed cleaning checklist ensures that all areas have been professionally cleaned for all patron’s health and safety.

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